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Our Top Priority

“At Morello Law Group, P.C., our commitment to excellence and personalized service ensures your legal needs are met with utmost care and expertise.”

Jerry Morello

Gerald M. Morello, Jr.

- President & Managing Partner

We’re pleased to have our Estate Planning in place and appreciate the professional yet personal manner in which it was accomplished. We can unequivocally recommend your services.

Mark & Judy Gill

I want to thank you for making the process of my Estate and Tax Planning quite painless. I look forward to working with you again if the need arises.

Betty Pingston

We wish to thank you and your staff for a thorough job in completing our estate plan. After working and saving for the future, it is comforting to know that plans are in place to help secure our estate for us, our son, and family well into the future.

Brian & Susan Krysiak

I sincerely appreciate your counsel and guidance with my family’s estate planning. I look forward to working with you for many years to come. Thank you.

Scott Snyder

Thank you for the trust and will that you provided for me. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to as many people as I can. Thank you again for everything.

Cynthia Barnes

We truly appreciate all you have done for us.

John & Denise Griffin

Thank you so much for favoring me with your time and your services.

Patty DeBone

Thank you very much for handling my trust. I have been wanting to do this for some time. I feel much better about the way things are set up.

Phyllis Sheridan

Again, thank you so much for all you and your staff have done to help us. I have told many friends and family about you and your practice and staff, not only about your level of expertise, but about your kindness. Continued success!

D. Anselm

First of all I would like to start by saying how we are pleased and satisfied with the amount of professional and personal attention your staff gave us with updating our trust. Everything went very smooth and now we have no doubts. You went above and beyond to accommodate our request for appointment times and it was a pleasure getting to know the entire staff.

Jim and Patty Soter

A note of sincere appreciation for time spent with us and your counsel. You have made what could be potentially confusing and one emotionally difficult matter easier for us. We thank you for that and for the patience of you and your staff in working with our non-conventional schedules.

Noel & Sue Hernandez

Thank you for helping us with our estate plan. It gave us peace of mind! We enjoyed working with you.

Janet & Bob Becker

I just wanted to say Thank You for your professionalism in preparing our “Revocable Living Trust”, you made my wife & daughter feel at ease.

John L.

Dear Mr. Morello, Our meeting with you was a very pleasant and informative one ~ also most helpful! Thank you so much for your expertise and consideration.

Hazel Baldwin

Dear Mr. Morello and Mr. Fekaris – We started many years ago with the Morello Law Group and Jerry Morello doing our trusts, estate planning and business ventures. You sat there patiently and let Dave reminisce his many life experiences. I assure you our family did not listen as patiently as you did; they only rolled their eyes and said “there he goes again.” You seemed to know just what to say when advising him on what to do and what not to do. He listened to your advice as we well know most of the time!! He liked the way you treated us and I’m sure you treat most of your clients as family. You and your staff were always there for us and if we had a question, you or your staff had an answer for us or went and found the answer we needed.

Well it’s been three years since Dave’s death. He always said “when something happens to me, call Jerry Morello,” and I did. That’s when my three year journey began with the help of Morello Law Group. On the day of Dave’s visitation, I turned around and Jerry was standing next to me. What a pleasant surprise. He took the time to drive sixty miles to pay his respects to Dave and our family. That’s what is so special about this law firm. Jerry, that’s why Dave respected you so much and thought the world of you. After Dave’s death and the many legal problems that loomed over me, like I said, Dave didn’t always take good advice. Jerry introduced me to George Fekaris, feeling I needed his expertise with upcoming matters. He was right. George has comfortably taken me through many difficult legal challenges. The many personal decisions, court appearances and trust changes were all made easier because of your caring concern and help. I always felt whatever the outcomes were, good or bad, they would be easier to accept because of your hard work and keeping me well informed of their progress. I always felt your genuine concern for me. Again, as your clients must feel.

It’s hard to know where to begin thanking you for all that you have done for me. I only wish Dave could have known you George. He would have really liked your work ethics and personality. He was a very tough guy but a very gentle giant with a big heart.

Again, thank you so much for all your kindness, concern and generosity. I’m sure there will be a time in the future that I will need your help again. Hopefully not too soon. So until then, life has been good.




Dear Jerry – Many thanks for your thorough and professional approach to the review of Betty and my Wills and Estate Plans. We are extremely pleased that Nick had developed a working relationship with you and could recommend you to us. Your work is now the largest document on my book shelf. I had no idea that Betty or I were worth that much effort. Seriously, thank you for that effort. Drawing up these kinds of final arrangements correctly can make so much difference in the lives of one’s survivors. Betty and I truly appreciate the caliber of your work. Thank You Again!

Dick Ramsdell

Dolores – I want to thank you for your prompt reply and development of the Attorney Opinion Letters that you sent to my real estate agent. It is a pleasure working with people who understand that client satisfaction is a priority that all firms should strive to obtain. Thank you!

Larry D. Leapley

Dear Ron – I would like to thank you for representing me over the last several months. Your care and professionalism made a difficult situation bearable and I can’t imagine having anyone better… Please accept this certificate as a small token of our appreciation. We hope you and Sue will enjoy an evening out. I am grateful to have met you and have you as my attorney.

Catherine F.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your law office in helping me to fulfill my mother’s wishes in the distribution of her estate per her wishes. All my best to everyone.

Jean Olds

Dear Jerry – Thank you very much for all your help in guiding us through this process. I am sending you my brother’s addresses. Please feel free to send me the bill for any costs you incur.

Jack Forster

Dear Jerry,

With warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness to my daughter, Aimee and my grandson, Chad. We very much appreciate the discount, and helping us navigate the planning for Chad’s special needs.

Best regards,



I just want to thank you all for your kindness and caring. I feel like you are more like friends than a Law Group.

Donna Grogg

Dear Mr. Morello – Just a short note to thank you for your help yesterday with our father’s estate. Your knowledge and expertise is a great help to us. We appreciate your kindness and will certainly refer friends and family to your practice.

Debby and Alan W.

Thank you for the letter and information you sent regarding estate plans for my brother & sister-in-law. Having worked in the Trust Banking industry for over 35 years, I appreciate all the information you included in your letter – very well done!

Cathi Carmany

Thank you for handling this for us. We appreciate your time and attention to all the details. Sincerely, Frank and Mary Jane P.

Frank and Mary Jane P.

Thank you for handling this for us. We appreciate your time and attention to all the details. Sincerely, Frank and Mary Jane P.

Frank and Mary Jane P.

Dear Jerry – Thank you for the excellent preparation of our estate plan. You and your staff were very professional and provided exceptional detail throughout the plan. As a Ph.D. mathematician and retired corporate strategic planning executive, I have been trained to look for detail. I was skeptical that any law firm could develop a strong estate plan without taking an exorbitant amount of time in going through several drafts. Much to my surprise, your firm exceeded my expectations. Even when one of my requests required action beyond the normal process, your staff was flexible and expedient in finding a solution. My plan was thorough and customized in a reasonable amount of time. This included a quality control period which ensured that all information was covered. Job well done!!! My wife and I will definitely recommend your firm to our family and friends.

Ed and Nancy

Dear Mr. Morello – Thank you and your staff for all the time and attention put into creating my estate plan. You may be certain I will recommend you to others as I greatly appreciate you consideration. God Bless and Best Wishes!


I just want you to know that I have reviewed Estate planning documents for years and years and I must tell you that all through those years I am so pleased when I see the name Morello Law Group at the top of those papers. You guys have the cleanest most thorough Estate planning documents that I have ever seen. I have never had an issue with one document that has come across my desk; they always have everything they need to make them perfect. – An Attorney employed by a large Metro Detroit Credit Union chain


Hi Jerry – Thanks for your help in getting all in order. It was good to see you. It had been quite a while. Take care!


My wife and I have been clients of Jerry Morello and the Morello Law Group for over 25 years, starting with the setup of a basic trust to most recently the creation of a complex and comprehensive special needs (ongoing) trust. Jerry and his law firm have been outstanding in every aspect in helping us with all our trust and estate needs. Their expertise, integrity, understanding, sensitivity, knowledge, experience, professionalism, etc. is so evident whenever dealing with them. We are so impressed and thankful for the peace of mind they have given us, from what we feel is the best possible trust for our very unique needs. We consider them to be the Best of the Best in estate lawyers.

Best of the Best in Estate Planning

Dear Mr. Morello – I would like to thank you for being so patient and understanding when working with my brother, Stan. Thank you for coming to our home twice; answering all his questions; and guiding him through the process of estate planning etc. This was an accomplishment I never thought I would witness. Your kindness, trust, warmth and professionalism spoke volumes. Your staff, working with him to provide additional information, were exemplary. What you accomplished in two one-on-one meetings was amazing. Thank you for all you did, have done and continue to do for us. We appreciate it!

Diane B.

I’ve worked with Jerry for 14+ years and have had positive experience after positive experience. He works closely with our clients and tailors the estate planning work to achieve their objectives. Jerry is an experienced estate planning attorney. He’s professional, personal, and genuinely cares about the people he works with. I could not be happier with the work he has done for us and for our clients over the years.

Industry Colleague

Attorney Morello, Jr. – Thank you for the presentation and information packet at our AARP Wayne County Heritage Chapter 4676 yesterday. I personally appreciated the “So you think your estate plan is current”. It is so important to keep our “Seniors” up-to-date and it takes individuals like yourself to take the time and effort to provide that.

AARP Wayne County Chapter Secretary

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us! I’ll get our asset list to you shortly!

S. McConnachie

Dear Mr. Morello – Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for me and my family. I was very impressed. I also appreciate the discount too. Most assuredly, I will be happy to recommend your work to my friends.

I. Ryniak

Arriving at the attorney’s office, Bev and I walked toward the door and a construction worker opened the door for us and greeted us warmly. The scene within the room we entered reflected the kind of chaos one sees in rooms that are undergoing significant renovation. Yet, with my life being in a state of indescribable disruption, the out­-of-control atmosphere of this anteroom was strangely comforting. And the chaos of that room , rather than being disruptive made me feel even somewhat comforted in that it seemed to be saying to me, “It’s not your life alone that is in a state of confusion.” We then made our way into the attorney’s office area – a world apart – one in which the message was: “You’re safe now.” I was given a cup of coffee, which tasted great. This was followed by the main event as we met Keith who guided us through the protections available to us at this critical point in our lives. As I sat there between the different parts of our session, I carefully studied the architecturally rich environment in which we found ourselves. It was impossible to successfully absorb it’s richness – the aged tan bricks with their stark black crevices separating them one from another. Our activities in that room were rapid-paced but thorough just the same and they left me with the conviction that we had come to the right place and to the right person, someone who convinced me that he cared..

D. Kurth


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