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Arriving at the attorney’s office, Bev and I walked toward the door and a construction worker opened the door for us and greeted us warmly. The scene within the room we entered reflected the kind of chaos one sees in rooms that are undergoing significant renovation. Yet, with my life being in a state of indescribable disruption, the out­-of-control atmosphere of this anteroom was strangely comforting. And the chaos of that room , rather than being disruptive made me feel even somewhat comforted in that it seemed to be saying to me, “It’s not your life alone that is in a state of confusion.” We then made our way into the attorney’s office area – a world apart – one in which the message was: “You’re safe now.” I was given a cup of coffee, which tasted great. This was followed by the main event as we met Keith who guided us through the protections available to us at this critical point in our lives. As I sat there between the different parts of our session, I carefully studied the architecturally rich environment in which we found ourselves. It was impossible to successfully absorb it’s richness – the aged tan bricks with their stark black crevices separating them one from another. Our activities in that room were rapid-paced but thorough just the same and they left me with the conviction that we had come to the right place and to the right person, someone who convinced me that he cared..